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Roofer Spray contact adhesives
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Product description
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GLUKON® top is a sprayable contact adhesive specially developed for the bonding of EPDM films on a variety of substrates such as OSB, concrete, stone, metals, plywood.

The GLUKON® pressure tank system was developed especially for the professional user. After curing, the adhesive is not flammable.

  • Adhesive strength: 44 N (5cm adhesive surface)
  • Color: transparent/green
  • Flash-off time: approx. 2-5 minutes depending on ambient temperature / humidity
  • Coverage: 5 - 7 m²/kg (applied on both sides)
  • Solid content: approx. 35%
  • Container sizes: 13,6 kg/in 22 l pressurised container, 500ml can
  • Resistance of temperature: -25°C - 80°C (under pressure)
  • Open time: 1 hour
  • Also available DCM-free!

EPDM Roofing sheet on:

  • Wood panel materials like z.B.: OSB, HDF etc.
  • Concrete
  • Metal sheets
  • Metal
  • Insulations
  • and much more


Not suitable for gluing EPS / XPS (Styrofoam). Please use GLUKON®poly.

GLUKON® top is not suitable for the bonding of plasticized materials such as PVC films!

We would be happy to provide you with price information on GLUKON®top on request. For more information, please contact our customer service.

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Here you will find all the information relevant to professional users in the form of application videos.

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