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Agricultural companies often have specific requirements, especially when it comes to the bonding of films in the agricultural sector. Here it is important to have a reliable partner at your side. We understand these requirements and therefore offer high-quality spray contact adhesives that have been specially developed for this area. Whether you want to glue silage foils as a biogas farm, glue foils as an asparagus grower or repair foils or connect them as a special crop farm - you can rely on GLUKON®®farm on a high-quality special product that saves you money, time and material.

With our GLUKON®®farm we offer an agricultural adhesive as a reliable and flexible solution for fast and effective work. In addition, we offer our customers full advice and support to ensure they get the most out of our adhesives and meet their needs. With GLUKON®® as a partner, agricultural companies are on the safe side and can be sure that their bonds are reliable and durable.


Please note the exact areas of application of our individual adhesives from our technical datasheets.

The GLUKON® products

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Adhesive and contact adhesive for films
Agriculture Spray contact adhesives
Suitable for the GLUKON® 22 liter gallon.
Agriculture Accessories GLUKON®System
Highly effective, on a natural basis
Accessories Cleaning spray
The ideal tool for large areas (190 mm)
Accessories Pressure roller
Enables the safe transport of our GLUKON® containers
Accessories GLUKON®System
For ergonomic work on the floor
Accessories GLUKON®System
High-pressure hose in three lengths
Accessories GLUKON®System
Ergonomically shaped spray can handle
Accessories GLUKON®System
Robust full metal design
Accessories GLUKON®System
Ergonomically shaped 75 mm pressure roller
Accessories Pressure roller
Nozzle for our pebble spray
Accessories GLUKON®System
The GLUKON®Standard nozzle for our web spray
Accessories GLUKON®System