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GLUKON®matrix 100

RTM Pebble infusion adhesive

Latest products Composite Spray contact adhesives
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GLUKON® matrix 100 is a specially developed spray adhesive that reliably fixes the reinforcing fibres during the infusion process in resin transfer moulding (RTM). The fast drying time ensures that layers can be built up with minimal waiting time. The adhesive surfaces are quickly covered with the very fine GLUKON® matrix 100 web spray. The high heat resistance of 110C° also allows the use of the adhesive in pre-heated moulds for e.g. injection processes of PU materials. GLUKON® matrix 100 can also be used very well as a full-range contact adhesive. For this purpose, the adhesive is applied to both materials to be bonded.

  • Very fast drying 30 sec.
  • Open time 30 min.
  • Can also be used as a full range adhesive
  • Fine weave spray surface
  • High heat resistance v. 110°C
  • Available in the 13 kg gallon and in the 500 ml aerosol can
  • Vehicle and aircraft construction
  • Three-dimensional mould construction
  • Wind turbine construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • and much more

We always recommend a prior trial bonding of your materials. Please refer to our technical data sheets and the adhesive recommendations of the respective material manufacturers. It is important to test all materials to be bonded before starting production. It is the responsibility of the processor to check whether GLUKON® matrix 100 is suitable for the respective application. Industrial adhesive. For industrial use only.

Please observe the legal regulations for solvent-based adhesives and our safety data sheets during processing.

We would be happy to provide you with price information on GLUKON®matrix 100 on request. For more information, please contact our customer service.

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